Versatile range of fine solid carbide thread milling tools, covers all popular standard and special solutions for any applications & industries for aerospace, military, automotive, medical industries and many more.


We offer wide range of Miniature solid threading tools for machining hardened materials up to 62 HRc -left cutting. can produced for any profile/cutting lengths upon request.


all popular standard and sizes, pitches, for machining all kinds of materials, at the highest quality. we can offer you solution for any standard or non-standard profiles, at the highest quality.


we offer many kinds of FLAT GROOVING / FULL RADIUS GROOVING inserts, with different sizes/profile for standard or upon any specification.


for every hole we can offer you the suitable tools for machining ‘Face-Chamfer’ or ‘Back-Chamfer’, for standard or non-standards. as well as TAPER END MILL for Conical Preparation Threads.


Versatile range of fine solid carbide TOOL for operation in MINI-BARS.  for different operations: such as Boring, Back turning/ Profiling/ Face Cutting/ Threading/Grooving/ Chamfering or requested specification.

About Us

EROJET is cutting tools manufacturer of threading and grooving tools, according to any threading standard or upon any specification.

with over 45 years of Experience metal industry, especially in threading expertness, EROJET is offering threading solutions for thousands customers all over the world. with thousand of tools selling every month to worldwide distribution network, under EROJET brand and as O.E.M to most popular companies.

EROJET headquarter company and it’s main warehouse is located in Israel and all tools are shipped worldwide and reaching to final destination within 2 days ( usually ) up to 5 working days,

Over the Years we’ve developed advance production process with maximum efficiency the the finest raw materials, which helped us to supply threading tools with a unique value proposition of the best value for your money.

with extensive knowledge about threading solutions, we’ll be happy to support you, any time any place, via Email, phone call, whatsapp with personal assistance with EROJET technical advisers.

Best Value For Your Money

We're truly believe that we can greatly offer you better alternative tools and decrease sharply your Costs per Component! Our Target is always offer you the best value for money.

Longer Tool Life

Get the ultimate tools, that achieve much longer tool-life. upgrade your'e production and start to save money.

Fast Delivery

with 99% of stock capability, you can be rest assure you'll find your tools in our stock, contact and get it immediately

Uncompromising Customer Service

Our customer service department is supplying personally service to any request/technical support, we'll help to achieve maximum efficiency from your tools and reach to your targets

Technical service

We'll support you with any technical solution. let our experience engineers help you maximize your production.

Global Networking

Dealer? we can greatly contribute to your tool's portfolio with our comprehensive thread solutions. contact and join us.