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Company Profile

EROJET is a cutting tools manufacturer of standard threading and grooving tools -turning and milling and special tools produced according to customer’s request.
EROJET has the capability of manufacturing high quality cutting tools and at the same time offering competitive pricing, reasonable delivery times with special attention to customer service.
Our products are sold worldwide under EROJET brand name through distributors located in Europe, Japan, India, China etc…..
All Erojet tools have been manufactured since our establishment in 2003 at our facility in Industrial Park Misgav in North of Israel. Our threading tools are manufactured on the most sophisticated CNC equipment available in the tools industry.
Company owners and staff have long lasting experience and know-how in research and development and manufacturing of threading tools, inserts and toolholders as well as Solid Thread Milling Tools.
In the years to come, EROJET will continue to position itself to be an innovative company with high commitment to the customers it serves.
The company is certified according to ISO 9001: 2008.